Build skills and knowledge in a comprehensive selection of marketing and communications topics that will support you to lead teams and individuals in marketing roles

  • CRICOS Course Code: 104775K
  • Learn how plan and execute market research, analyse market data, and evaluate marketing opportunities locally and internationally
  • Create strategic marketing and communications plans, execute them across various platforms, and learn how to evaluate their success for future iteration
  • Develop your persuasive skills and build influence through written and verbal communications



Program Length

60-66 weeks (20 hours/week)

Includes 6 hours/week online study + 14 hours/week in class study

*48 weeks study + up to 18 weeks scheduled breaks

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Greystone College Australia plans to continue to run its online classes for VET students until at least the end of July, 2021.

Start Dates


May 10, Jun 7, Aug 2, Aug 30, Sep 27, Nov 22


Jul 5 - Aug 1
Oct 25 – Nov 21
Dec 20 - Jan 2, 2022


Program Courses

In this unit you will learn how to communicate effectively through making presentations, leading and participating in meetings, and conducting negotiations. Topics include: Identify communication requirements; Negotiate to achieve agreed outcome; Participate in and lead meetings; Make presentations.


In this unit you will learn how to manage budgets and financial plans for an organisation or a work team. You will also learn how to negotiate and communicate financial plans and processes. Topics include: Plan financial management approaches, Implement and monitor financial management plans, Review and evaluate financial management plans.


In this unit you will learn how to use marketing opportunities by examining market data, identifying potential markets, and assessing possible changes to business operations. Topics include: Explore marketing opportunities; Evaluate marketing opportunities; Evaluate required changes to current operations.


In this unit you will learn how to establish an effective marketing mix for an organisation. Topics include: Prepare marketing mix; Implement marketing mix; Monitor marketing mix.


In this unit you will learn how to plan market research and interpret the results of the research. You will also learn how to report on the market research data. Topics include: Plan market research; Perform market research; Assess results of market research; Report on market research.


In this unit you will learn how to conduct marketing audits related to an organisation’s marketing plan. You will also learn how to develop marketing audit reports. Topics include: Prepare for marketing audit; Identify form of marketing audit; Establish external marketing audit; Establish internal marketing (self) audit; Prepare marketing audit report.


In this unit you will learn how to develop social media engagement plans for different groups of people. Topics include: Prepare to develop social media strategy; Devise social media engagement strategy; Facilitate content delivery; Monitor and evaluate social media engagement.


In this unit you will learn how to promote products and services to international markets. Topics include: Plan promotion; Coordinate promotion; Review promotion.


In this unit you will learn how to evaluate different marketing mediums in order to develop effective marketing communication plans. Topics include: Prepare marketing communication plan information; Develop marketing communication plan; Finalise marketing communication plan.


In this unit you will learn how to communicate messages in a wide range of contexts by interpreting a creative brief and writing persuasive copy. Topics include: Establish content purpose; Prepare content; Finalise content.


In this unit you will learn how to manage business risks in an organisation or business unit or area. Topics include: Establish risk context; Identify risks; Analyse risks; Select and implement treatments.


In this unit you will learn how to complete a small project or part of a larger project. You will learn how to develop a project plan, administer and monitor the project, then finalise and review it. Topics include: Establish project parameters; Develop project plan; Administer and monitor project; Finalise and review project.