Develop a set of skills and knowledge to help you succeed in leadership and management roles across a range of industries

  • CRICOS Course Code: 104776J
  • Build knowledge and tools for critical thinking, complex problem solving and strategic planning to help lead organisations to achieve critical goals
  • Learn strategies for effective change management, and how to build environments that foster innovation and continuous improvement
  • Develop the ability to influence and inspire teams and support skill-building among staff. career goals
  • Combine your program with progressive qualifications and build a long-term study plan to achieve your learning and career goals



Program Length

Maximum 54 weeks (20 horus/week)

Includes 6 hours/week online study + 14 hours/week in class study

*40 weeks study + up to 14 weeks scheduled breaks which includes Study Support Boot Camp

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Greystone College Australia plans to continue to run its online classes for until at least the end of July, 2021

Start Dates


May 10, Jun 7, Aug 2, Aug 30, Sep 27, Nov 22


Jul 5 - Aug 1
Oct 25 – Nov 21
Dec 20 - Jan 2, 2022

Program Courses

In this unit you will learn how to communicate effectively through making presentations, leading and participating in meetings, and conducting negotiations. Topics include: Identify communication requirements; Negotiate to achieve agreed outcome; Participate in and lead meetings; Make presentations.


In this unit you will learn how to help other staff in the workplace to develop critical and creative thinking skills. Topics include: Assess individual and team critical and creative thinking skills; Establish an environment that encourages the application of critical and creative thinking; Monitor and improve thinking practices.


In this unit you will learn how to use critical thinking in order to develop innovative solutions to complex organisational issues. Topics include: Scope problem solving process; Lead solution development process; Refine solution for implementation.


In this unit you will learn how to lead and manage change within an organisation. Topics include: Develop change management strategy; Implement change management strategy; Evaluate change management strategy.


In this unit you will learn how to demonstrate personal and professional competence as a senior leader. You will learn how to motivate others to achieve organisational goals as you model professionalism. Topics include: Communicate organisational mission and goals; Influence groups and individuals; Build and support teams; Demonstrate personal and professional competence.


In this unit you will learn how to lead a business operation by establishing, implementing and reviewing all stages of a business plan. Topics include: Establish business plan; Implement business plan; Respond to performance data.


In this unit you will learn how to develop and sustain a workplace environment of continuous improvement, learning and innovation. Topics include: Establish ways of working within a team; Identify improvements; Implement innovative processes; Develop workplace culture and tools for continuous improvement, innovation and learning.


In this unit you will learn how to establish the strategic direction of an organisation, sustain competitive advantage, and enhance competitiveness. Topics include: Confirm vision and mission of the organisation; Analyse internal and external environment; Develop strategic organisational plan; Implement strategic organisational plan.


In this unit you will learn how to consult with stakeholders to develop, implement and evaluate corporate social responsibility policy in an organisation. Topics include: Identify context for corporate social responsibility; Establish corporate social responsibility policy; Monitor and evaluate corporate social responsibility.


In this unit you will learn how to develop your communication skills as a team leader in the workplace. Topics include: Establish communication protocols; Coordinate effective communication; Present and negotiate persuasively; Review communication practices.