Build a solid foundation in marketing and communications to present digital marketing solutions, and launch a career in a dynamic and creative industry.

  • Gain fundamental skills in marketing analysis and problem-solving
  • Acquire an understanding, and develop foundational knowledge of digital marketing
    and communication
  • Learn how to apply digital marketing and communication solutions to a
    business environment



Program Length

Maximum 34 weeks (24 weeks study + maximum 10 weeks scheduled breaks)

20 hours study per week (14 hours in class study + 6 hours online)

Start Dates


Jan 7, Feb 18, Apr 22, Jun 3, Aug 5, Sep 16, Nov 18


Jan 6, Mar 9, Apr 20, Jun 22, Aug 3, Oct 5, Nov 16

Program Courses

Learn to gather, organise, analyse and present workplace information using available systems. Learn to to prepare, deliver and review a presentation to a target audience.


Learn to analyse consumer behaviour for markets and specific needs. 
And to articulate and to present and debate ideas in a work or broader life context using creative techniques in order to provoke response, reaction and critical discussion.


Learn to integrate digital technologies into common management practice.


Learn to work effectively within the convergent marketing communication industry.
Learn to research, analyse and apply knowledge within the marketing communication industry with due consideration to legal and ethical constraints and the digital communication convergent environment.


Learn to create digital user experience for application within the context of marketing communication.


Learn to to use leadership to promote team cohesion.


Learn to optimise digital media impact for application within the context of marketing communications.


Learn the skills and knowledge to plan, implement and manage basic marketing and promotional activities, including promoting products and services within international markets.