Staying in a homestay in Australia will give you an excellent opportunity to practice your English conversation skills and experience Australian culture and family life. These homes are safe, secure, inspected and approved by our Student Accommodation Program Coordinators.

Please keep in mind that Australia has a very diverse cultural makeup with citizens from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Your Homestay family in Australia will be different from your own, so we ask that you be prepared to adjust to a new household routine, different foods and new rules. You will become one of the family!

Our Student Accommodation Department, Cultural Coordinators and staff will always be available to assist you whenever you have questions or want to talk.


Duty of Family Members in Australia  

Most Australians work outside the home and are active in community affairs. Each family member has duties around the home and does many things for themselves. For example, family members are expected to take their own dishes from the dining room to the kitchen and take care of their own possessions; this will apply to you too! You will be asked to respect the rules and regulations that pertain to their household.

Each family will assist you in learning the layout of your new home. You will be provided with a clean, comfortable, private room. The room will be equipped with a desk, bed, dresser, closet and good lighting. You are expected to keep your own room neat and tidy.

You will have your own house key. Please respect the security of the household. Make sure you return the key when you leave.

If any questions arise about your new home, please feel free to ask your family.


Changing your Homestay Family  

If you wish to move to another family, you must pay a Homestay Re-Placement Fee of $150 (after the initial 4 week booking period)

Students who wish to leave their homestay before the scheduled homestay end date must give a minimum two weeks notice to the homestay family and the Student Accommodation Department.