Benefit of hosting a Greystone College Intern


  • Multilingual talent with a global mindset

  • Additional connections to your international network

  • Previous international work experience in their chosen field

  • Professional development for the supervisor of the intern

  • Cost-effective support in busy periods with unpaid internships of up to 3 months

  • An eager-to-learn injection of enthusiasm


The perfect candidate to host a Greystone College Intern has


Greystone College Volunteer Internship Program
  • A professional English-speaking workplace.

  • A clearly defined full-time supervisor committed to mentoring the intern.

  • Growth opportunities for the intern in the workplace.

  • Constructive feedback and suggestions provided regarding the intern’s performance.

  • Opportunities to take part in workplace & client meetings/appointments.

  • A 7-8 hour day in order to provide accurate work experience.

  • A weekly schedule agreed to with the intern that consists of routine tasks, duties and responsibilities.

Field of interest


Some popular fields of interest include but are not limited to international trade and logistics, social media and marketing, admin, design, tourism and travel as well as online trade and IT support.



4 easy steps to host a Greystone College intern

We discuss options based on your specific requirements and availability.

We organize an interview time with our student and your team conducts an interview of the intern.

The successful intern joins your team for their chosen period (6 to 12 weeks).

We collect your feedback using an easy online survey to gain information about the experience and when you will be available for another intern.