Host a Greystone College Intern Today!


Every day, companies around the world are discovering the many benefits of hiring interns. Known to improve success rates of hires, increase company morale and add a new perspective, hosting an intern in as invaluable experience for the hire, as well. Choosing an intern from Greystone College adds to your company culture by expanding your global community and network. Find out how you can take part in this wonderful experience below!

You’re the perfect candidate to host a Greystone College intern


Greystone College Volunteer Internship Program


  • You have a professional English-speaking workplace.

  • You will have opportunities for the intern to practice spoken and written English.

  • You have an employee who is committed to supervising the tasks and duties of the intern.

  • You will provide opportunities of growth in the workplace for the intern.

  • You will provide feedback and suggestions on the intern’s performance.

  • You will provide opportunities to be take part in workplace & client meetings/appointments.

  • You will provide insight to industry phrases and industry specific phrases or language accompanied by explanations and examples.

  • You will provide 7-8 hours of daily work experience related to the intern's role.

  • You will agree to a weekly schedule with the intern that consists of routine tasks, duties and responsibilities.



Ready to host an Greystone College intern? Follow our 4 step process

We discuss options based on your specific requirements and availability.

We organize an interview time with our student and your team conducts an interview of the intern.

The successful intern joins your team for their chosen period (6 to 12 weeks).

We collect your feedback using an easy online survey to gain information about the experience and when you will be available for another intern.